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100 Days!
Wow, it’s amazing how fast time zooms by. I hope the first four months of 2019 has treated you well and your training and plans for the Tahoe Rim Trail Endurance Runs are in high gear. Everytime I open the TRTER web page I see the count down clock and today it says 100 days. If you haven’t checked out our website I encourage you to do so, there is lots of information that will make your TRTER race weekend less stressful. https://trter.com/

I have some big announcements to make!

Firstly I’m pleased to announce that our on-course nutrition will be provided by Honey Stinger replacing Clif Bar for gels and bars. Their gels are yummy and they provide non-caffeinated as well as caffeinated gels–both will be on course. We will also have the Honey Stinger Waffles on course. If you haven’t tried them, they are delicious and easy to get down in the middle of a tough Ultra. Welcome Aboard Honey Stinger!

Secondly, and most importantly to beer lovers, we are welcoming The Fox Brewing as our beer supplier this year. Many of you returning runners know The Fox as the place we do the meet and greet Thursday night before the race, and also they offer a coupon for food and drinks race weekend. They are right across the street from the Nevada legislative ground where our packet pickup and race briefing take place. They built a brewing facility right on site and are brewing great beer. I know we will have an IPA on course and, of course, the Ultra Lounge at the finish line. I’m doing in-depth research as to the second brew to offer… I know you will enjoy their beer as much as what Brewers Cabinet provided over the past five years. Thank you Brewers Cabinet for supporting us and providing us with great brew!

While I know we have runners from all around the globe that attend the TRTER, the majority of runners are from Northern California and Northern Nevada. I don’t have to explain to you that the Sierra Nevada mountains have had a stellar winter. Record snow fall in February has buried the mountains in a deep blanket of white. Awesome for skiers and snow boarders, but bad for races that share these mountains and occur before August. We will undoubtedly have snow drifts on course for this years race, how much will depend on mother nature and how much she heats things up over the next 100 days.

In light of all the snow, we have decided to not have a training run this year. I realize this has been an immensely popular event to get into the TRTER vibe, however, it’s extremely difficult to put on when the course is still buried in snow in early June. It’s difficult to provide aid stations above 8000 feet and it’s difficult for runners that are familiar with the course to stay on track let alone those of you that have never been on the course. I hope you all understand. 

With only 100 days until race day, if you are injured and on the fence weather to run or not, or you have a scheduling conflict or life is just getting in the way, we have many on the wait list wanting to get into the event. Yes, we are beyond the refund cut-off date, and no we do not carry forward registrations to the following year. However, we are a non-profit event and your registration will go towards supporting a premier event and that takes a lot of $$$ to put on. We also donate about $25,000 a year to some amazing organizations that are supporting people and families in need. If you know you can’t run, give another runner a shot.

For you 100 mile runners that have not completed your trail work requirements, time is ticking away. Yes I have received some completed trail work forms, but probably less that 10% of the 100 mile field. You all know the consequences. Don’t make me be the bad guy. There are so many trail work opportunities country wide, give your quivering quads a day’s rest and give back to the trail system that you love and train on. https://trter.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/100m-volunteerform2019.pdf

Our parking and busing situation is no different than last year. We plan on busing as close to 100% of the runners as possible from Carson City and North Lake Tahoe Crystal Bay. This is necessary to provide as much parking for your families and crew at Spooner. We are bursting at the seams with 100 mile and 50 mile runners this year, and we all know how many friends and family support their runners nowadays. Please make plans to comply with our busing schedule. More information on pickup locations and shuttles back can be found on our website.

Lastly, if you need lodging, we have discounted rooms at four different location In Carson City, all with bus pick ups. I encourage you to book something if you haven’t done so. Last year rooms sold out and we have added Gold Dust West Hotel Casino and RV Park. Yes, RV park with pool and hot tub. So check them out and make your reservations, all listed under lodging on our website.

That’s it for now. Stay healthy for this next 100 days so we can see you all bright and early at Spooner Lake Nevada State Park July 20th!

George Ruiz – Race Director
Big THANKS to our Sponsors!

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